IMBA End-of-term Party

Annabel Zhang & Zoey Lv

IMBA Class of 2018


What’s it like to be an IMBA student?

Delicious food from all over the world?

Various parties with attractive people?

Or even travelling around the world?


Actually, we are like running rats with endless case analysis, group discussions, team projects and presentations…

Dark eye circles has become our symbol.

It’s a luxury for us to sleep for more than 6 hours a day.

After this challenging and productive semester, we finally decided to treat ourselves a relaxing end-of-term party. It was held at Mojo, a high-end Italian restaurant in Sanlitun on June 9th. Many exchange students and part-time MBA students joined us. Fantastic music, colorful wine and the romantic atmosphere made us relaxed and comfortable. The pressure accumulated during the semester was immediately gone.

The party began with a welcome cocktail on the rooftop. Embraced with a gentle breeze and graceful music, we soaked in the cocktails while we chatted amongst ourselves. We tried traditional Italian food for dinner. There were two options for appetizers, a main course and dessert. The dishes were delicate and delicious.

The party was highlighted by an awards ceremony game in which everyone voted for the person closest to the characteristics listed in the online survey, such as bravery, good social skills, warm-hearted, etc. It was the most exciting moment of the night when we finally revealed the results:

“The last survivor” --- Amber & Simon

“The first target” --- Lily & Amadis

“Monkey King” with bravery --- Marion, Jack & Ken

“Zhubajie” with good social skills --- Annabel & Amadis

“Shaseng” with consistent hardworking --- Jolin & Dali

“Tangseng” with kindness --- Ken, Maxime & Jolin

“Doraemon” warm-hearted and solution-oriented --- Amber & Landon

After dinner, we were invited to the show on the rooftop. We took pictures together and expressed our sincere gratitude for the past year together.

How fast time flies! The sight of the MBA opening ceremony is still vivid in our mind. All of our efforts and persistence will turn into cherished memories. Thanks to the end-of-term party, we had a fantastic evening and gained an opportunity to know each other even more. Most of us will go abroad for exchange programs or dual degrees in the following semester. Wishing all of us the best!