Global Exhibition Day (ICF 2016)

Arvel Chandra

IMBA Candidate '18


 Global Exhibition Day (ICF 2016)

International Culture Festival (ICF) is one of the annual events for international students at Renmin University of China. ICF is organized by collaboration of IDEA (International Development and Exchange Association) and Renmin University International Student Office. It is a series of festival where international students can introduce their cultures to the society. International students can contribute on several events like doing performance on Closing Gala, opening a cultural booth on Global exhibition, or simply engaging a Chinese culture in traditional Chinese games.

We prepared all the ingredients until 2 AM in the morning

I represented my home country Indonesia by opening a booth on the global exhibition day. We were given a booth and required to decorate a booth with our country theme. In this booth, we could do some activities that related to our culture. Eventually, I and some Indonesian friends agreed to sell some Indonesian snacks on that day. We sold “klepon” and “bakwan jagung”. Klepon is a glutinous rice ball with the sugar filling inside and Bakwan Jagung is a mixed vegetables fritter. These are the traditional food in Indonesia where you can only find it in local markets.

My lovely booth with fellow Indonesian friends

For the booth decoration, I asked support from Indonesian Embassy and thankfully, we were given some traditional costumes from many different regions in Indonesia. I wore a traditional costume from Padang (one of Area in Indonesia) and used the other costumes to decorate the booth. Also we were given an Indonesian traditional music instrument called “angklung”. It is a musical instrument which made by bamboo and we are required to shake it to produce a tone.

There were a lot of people visiting our booth on that day. They were trying our origin's delicacies and engaged in the activity with us by playing “angklung“ together. It was a wonderful experience and this was my first time engaging in a cultural event like ICF. I was amazed because there were a lot of new cultural things that I learned on that day. This is definitely an event that you should not miss in Renmin University.