My Experience at EGADE Business School, Mexico

Wendy Jia

RBS MBA Class of 2018


        On March 11th, I started my journey to EGADE business school in Mexico City. Two weeks before, I had received the agenda and amount of materials of pre-study. According to the schedule, I knew that we would not only sit in the classroom, but also go outside the building to learn the culture of Mexico. At that time, I felt exited as well as strained. On the first day, when I was puzzled and stranded in front of the school gate, two Mexican girls picked me up to the right gathering place. Since their kindness, we made friends with each other. When it comes to Mexican, they are pretty enthusiastic. My Mexican classmates embraced me warmly when we first met.

        After a short communication, we started our program. The topic for the GNW in Mexico is "Roadmap for Business Management in Latin America”. The Professor Alfredo Capote would like to show the challenges for multinationals in Latin America at first. He separated us into 6 groups to investigate 6 Latin American countries respectively. The topics included their geography, demographics, economic conditions, business climate, business outlook and so forth. Each team was bound to give a 15 minutes presentation. For my team, we decided to introduce Colombia because of its especial location bordering both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in South America. During the group discussion, we found corruption, infrastructure deficit and tax barrier were the challenges waiting Colombia. In addition, the government needs to improve economic performance, keep stable policy and enhance the security of business environment that are useful for economy continuous growth. Finishing all the presentations, I learned much knowledge about Colombia as well as the other five Latin American countries.

        Professor Edgar Centeno delivered an interesting lecture on how to build a strong brand. In the department, I was proud to introduce a Chinese snack brand (Wei Long Latiao) to my classmates. At the same time, they expressed a huge interest on the way of the brand operation. In addition, we had an intense argument about how to import the snack to Mexico. While Doctor Edgar was quite interested at this Chinese snack and took part in our team to discuss drastically.

        In the upcoming classes, the most impressive thing is that every professor mentioned China so many times. They was surprised at the rapid economic growth in China. At the same time, they emphasized the tight relationship between Mexico and China. Similar with the other developing countries, Mexico is taking advantage of innovation to develop their economy. At Senta Fe, there are many multi-nationals technical enterprises as well as local SMEs. In another word, innovation is the key to dispose of the disadvantage from Trump Administration in Mexico.

        As the professor Fernando A. Moya said, entrepreneurs build startups to innovate unique products. However, the commonest mistake of startup is building something nobody wants. In fact, startups are NOT smaller versions of large companies, they are temporary organizations designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. What does it mean? The key is how to a company creates, delivers and capture value. So the professor assigned a task to us to get out of the building and interview some students in the campus. We had to collect their problems during a journey and design a demo to solve one of their issues. By this practice, we learned to think as customer’s ways and deliver values to them.

Tequila Museum

        Outside of classes, we visited a lot of sceneries in Mexico City which made sense for the Latin American culture. In Teotihuacan, I climbed up the sun of pyramid and the moon of pyramid which are used to sacrifice. In the national museum of anthropology, I learned the ancient civilization of Aztaka, took photo with the stone of the sun which is the most precious antique. However, it is a pity that we don’t have enough time to go through the huge museum. Comparing with the historical site, joining in the network night activity is amazing. My classmate and I visited the tequila museum and enjoyed the classical songs which were sang by local musicians.

Ancient pyramids and having a drink at the Tequila Museum

        In the end, the most exited thing is that our team won the final presentation and gained an especial prize. It is the perfect circle to my global network week. All the experience is unforgettable for me and I begin to miss my overseas friends a little bit. In my mind, GNW should be the best way to be involved, if you want to connect to global economy and global community.

Day of the final presentation with teammates