Our Trip to TBEA (Technological Believable Eco-friendly Advanced)

Anastasiia Mardeshich

IMBA Class of 2018


TBEA based in Xinjiang, focusing on the strategy of Xinjiang’s advantageous resources transformation. TBEA is committed to build local energy industry of Xinjiang.

TBEA undertakes China's three national strategic emerging industries of “High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry, New Materials Industry and New Energy industry”. With advanced technology, value-added products and services that are “of green science and technology, and intelligent and environmental, reliable and highly efficient”, TBEA develops its business to equip China and power the world, in view of pioneering the development trends of the world's green energy-saving transmission and distribution technology and making contributions to human civilization.

Inheriting the history of transformers and wires & cables manufacturing in China renders TBEA the best independent R&D capability regarding transformer in the world and the first integration ability as to aluminum electrical materials manufacturing and solar system in China. In terms of development and manufacturing ability on silicon materials, TBEA ranks the second in China and 5th in the world. TBEA ranks 228th, 277th and 9th respectively in the World Top 500 Machinery Industries, Chinese Top 500 Enterprises and Chinese Top 100 Machinery Industries. TBEA has taken up the 47th position among the China top 500 Most Valuable Brands list with a brand value of RMB 50.216 billion.

The development of TBEA has received continuous attention and support from government and state leaders. TBEA has been involved in the national economic and social development based on the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy and obtained the world-wide recognition and highly praised. According to this strategy, TBEA committed to advanced electrical standards and integrated technology solutions. It has participated the power grind planning and construction in Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, ASEAN, Africa, including more than 60 countries and region.

TBEA integrates the utilization of modern technology for automatic manufacturing , intelligent production and management service information, to change the traditional production mode, realize the production process to be automated and project service to be remote supervised and controllable online and ensure the product quality, building the world famous brand.

TBEA is dedicated to providing intelligent, environment friendly, reliable and efficient products and services based on green technologies. The company sticks to the development notion of “Innovative, Coordinative, Green, Open and Sharing”. Based on the platform of manufacturing, TBEA will make every effort to develop modern service industries, so that the company will be transformed into a system integrator, operator, service provider and logistics provider.


TBEA has a professional technology team, including 5 Academicians from Chinese Engineering Academy and Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 300 Chinese special allowance experts and industry leaders, over 1000 employees with postgraduate degrees, 200 foreign experts from 24 countries, such as the US, India, Russia, and 6400 engineers with certifications, by which TBEA can provide high-quality and all-round service and guarantee for the customers.