Spotlight on Professor Pengjie Dai

IMBA's Data-modeling and Decision-making (DMD) Class


Facing cut-throat competition and making correct decisions in the business world is the key step to winning over your competitors. The question is how do we quickly make the right business decisions based on complex data? Without any hesitation, Professor Dai Peng Jie can help you acquire the necessary skills by delivering a comprehensive and knowledgeable semester-long course on DMD.

Commonly, traditional data analysis is known as a time-consuming and difficult task in which key analysis can cost employees several days to calculate. Many even agree that dealing with thousands of numerical data is a boring matter. However, in this course, Professor Dai introduces many useful excel tools and models to increase efficiency and improve accuracy.

Professor Dai obtained his Ph.D degree in Statistics from the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS in 2010. He accumulated affluent data-modeling knowledge and experiences throughout the years. His lecture style is very professional with a hint of humor to create a lively learning atmosphere for his students. After the lectures, Professor Dai is always friendly and eager to answer any questions.

When teaching complex theories, Professor Dai uses vivid clips that are wonderful and easily understandable to present abstract conceptions and data models. Students are also assigned business projects during his course as a simulation of a real-life experience to help put theory to practice. All of the students are divided into several teams to operate the business projects respectively. It is very interesting and challenging because the project can last several weeks.

During the simulation, teams experience building a business from nothing all the way to a huge multinational enterprise. In each team, every member plays an individual role, such as CEO, marketing manager, data analyst, etc., allowing them to make various decisions throughout the whole journey under different realistic circumstances using different DMD tools. Students are able to obtain valuable knowledge and practical experience through this combination of learning and practical simulation. Although difficult, he encourages us to answer questions by giving bonus points towards our project.

Overall, Professor Dai is able to transform a hard course into a fun and exciting class for all of us. DMD is definitely one of the more challenging MBA courses but also one where we can learn the most.

Jack Cai

IMBA Class of 2017