Sharing HR Experiences with Professor Feng’s Sophomore Undergraduate Experimental Class


A constantly changing business world along with the changing demands of the job market makes it difficult to stay focused on the right career track. Professor Yunxia Feng, a long-time Professor for the IMBA Program, arranged a special collaboration between the IMBA and her sophomore undergraduate experimental class by launching a wonderful practical course – HR Practice Sharing. Professor Jianhua Ge was the host for this particular lecture.

Jack Cai, an MBA student from the IMBA Class of 2017, has 16 years of working experience as the HR Manager for the Dacheng Branch of China Unicom, a state-owned corporation. He shared his experiences on conceptual awareness, leadership, teamwork, recruitment, employee turnover, performance appraisal, communication, Romance aspects, etc. Furthermore, he played video clips to explain challenging abstract concepts.

During his talk, Jack provided students with new insights of HR functions. More importantly, he helped these students discover their strengths and raise self-awareness. Jack also used a very enthusiastic way to communicate these skills. He interacted with the students and motivated them to develop their career path objectives. Jack introduced individual coaching methods to help student self-reflect on who they want to be in the future. Moreover, he clearly explained that career objectives should not only be focused on your career; it is essential to find the right balance between career objectives and personal objectives. Jack ended his presentation by explaining the specifics of Chinese culture. For career development in China, it is important to keep this traditional culture in mind.

Following Jack, Lizzy Deng (IMBA Class of 2016) also shared career development experiences from her past. At the end of the course, they took an hour to answer questions from the students. Overall, this experience was memorable for both the students and the presenters.

Edited by Christoph Meyerhof

IMBA Class of 2017