Spotlight on Professor Shuye Wang

IMBA's International Finance Course


The course International Finance mainly focuses on currency and related topics from basic knowledge including exchange rates and their derivatives to general interview, i.e. international financial market. There are three main things that you can expect from this course.

A respected, multi-cultured and charismatic Professor.

Textbooks for the course may be identical, but the person delivering the lectures makes the most difference. Professor Shuye Wang intended to integrate his own experiences and knowledge with this course to help students gain a better understanding of International Finance. He experienced life as a farmer, factory worker, soldier and University Professor who lived in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, U.S., and Canada while focusing his studies and research on Statistics, Economy and Finance.

Informative and systematic lectures.

Condensed from classical international finance textbooks, Professor Wang reorganized the contents of the textbook, aiming to enhance the learning experience by adding current events, such as the influence of TPP on China, comments of China’s application for SDR, etc. He also used diagrams and figures to present a vivid picture of what is happening in the international market.

Thought-provoking discussions with international group work.

On top of lectures, this class also provided IMBA students with opportunities to work on group projects with international exchange students. From group discussions, students utilized textbook knowledge on real world matters while also exchanging background information with students from different countries.

International Finance is a great course that combines academic theories with practical real-world situations. If you are interested in getting the real scoop in international market, Professor Wang’s class is a must!

Written by TA Yaxin Yu