RBS MBA Student Union Presidential Election

19th President: IMBA's Lisheng Qin


On November 25, 2015, RBS held its 19th Presidential Election for the MBA Student Union. The 18th Vice President, Wenchao Wang, hosted the election ceremony. Participants included seven council members as well as several RBS leaders and teachers. New members of the executive council, Song Tang (Full-time MBA), and Lisheng Qin (IMBA) ran for the Presidential position. In compliance with Election Guidelines, each candidate was allowed to give a three minute speech to persuade the voters and showcase their commitment and abilities. After further discussions and questions, Lisheng Qin was officially elected the 19th President of the MBA Student Union through an anonymous ballot. The remaining six Council members will stand as five Vice Presidents and one Secretary.

After the election, Dean Jinlan Zhao, Deputy Secretary of the RBS Party Committee, shared her expectations and experiences for the Union Council members. She stressed the importance of organizing the Union’s work on several focus areas and increasing the visibility and brand of the MBA programs. Furthermore, the Union should adhere to improving service awareness and enhance relationships between RBS, the MBA Program Center and its students. Ms. Wei Huang (Director of CDC and Alumni Office), Shikun Yuan (Secretary of the RBS Youth League Committee),Mr. Bowen Zhang (Deputy Secretary of the RBS Youth League Committee), Ms. Hong Li (Executive Director of the MBA Program Center) and Ms. Jingbo Zhang (Assistant of Student Development) further communicated with the council members on their duties and responsibilities.

The election then concluded successfully.