A Fabulous August Day for IMBAs

IMBA's Business English Training


The four-week intensive Business English training course for the IMBA (International MBA) Class of 2018 officially ended on September 2.

In the morning, all members of our class arrived early to put the finishing touches for the highlight of graduation tests—the presentation show. With concentration and tension, some of us checked powerpoints; some rehearsed their speech; and some discussed grammer points with our teacher -- Daniel. How impressive the prefect sweetness of this moment was. However, such scenes were merely the daily life during the whole month. The classmates, who were experienced elites in their respective fields, were now learning earnestly as they were in their school years. Though time flies, their strong desire of knowledge and the confidence for the tests are everlasting.

Under the global recruitment strategy, IMBA program delivers its courses in English and the classes are taught in mixed groups consisting of both Chinese students and foreign students. A four-week intensive English training course was designed by the MBA Program Center to meet the special needs of non-native English members in the International Class, which could strengthen their ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

IMBA students are the first in the entire MBA Class of 2018 cohort to take courses at Mingde Business Building. From August 8 to September 2, our I-Class consisting twenty-three Chinese students, toghther with Richard from Indonesia and Zhao Qinzhu from Korea, spent four-week engaged learning life under the instruction of foreign teacher -- Daniel. During the whole month, all class members not only acquired knowledge of Business English practice,but also had a wonderful time together.

Now, let’s look at the wonderful and rewarding four-week time of I-Class.

The Business English trainning course began with the one-to-one oral test. In order to have a rough idea of our English ability and then design specificcourse for us,the witty cool American teacher -- Daniel conducted an interveiw for each member of our class.

The practice-based English courses were attractive and gleefully fun. With abundant teaching methods, the class went ahead with inspiring-interactive teaching style. With questions and answers, we have reviewed and mastered the difficult grammar points which we had learned in high school. What’s more, we also learned these grammar points through playing childhood games, such as dice game and checkers. Learning withgreat joy made our study much easier. However, the most popular activity was the business role play and presentation. Though with great challenge, we gained a lot from these experiences. We discussed the business cases and sought common development cause in the role play; we carefully designed our presentation and spoke boldly in front of the class.

What impressed me most was the enthusiasm and devotion of students in class andmutual support and encouragement among us.From strange to familiar, from nervous to serene, all of us have gained a lot. The final presentation show was a grand show of I-Class. During the show time, one climax came after another, active interaction and warm applause filled the whole performance.

For sure, students in I-class have their own unforgettable stories. They rehearsed a skit after classes. The skit will be perfomed in front of all Class of 2018 MBA students at the Welcome Banquet.The whole process including script writing, role casting, story discussing and props making is a joint effort of all classmates. Every rehearsal and refining of music and background marked the great joy of our class.

Six nonlocal friends shared an I Dorm outside the West Gate and created a new ‘family’. In this warm family, Richard from Indonesia boosted our joy and we got the chance to practice English after class. The cultural blending and collision of our family members through dinner and after dinner chat marked a memorable experience. However, time flies too fast.

Destiny ties us together; love links us as a family. That is our I-Class.We come together with dream and love makes us go further. I love I dream.

Written By: Amanda Zhao

Translated By: Jolin Chen and Leonard Liu