I = Inheritance with Love

IMBA Gathering


On the cold evening of October 25, 2016, IMBA students from the Class of 2017 and 2018 enjoyed a warm gathering on campus at Fengshang Restaurant, where laughter, applause, and cheers mingled into a symphony.

A hard-won gathering
“I am really overwhelmed with my homework; I have to check my extracurricular schedule.” That is almost a standard response when asked if they can attend the gathering. Since the beginning of the first semester, new IMBA students have reduced their average sleep time by more than 30%-- wearing dark circles under their eyes like badges of honor. The schedule is even tighter for those engaged in academic competitions, such as the Yale case competition, because they as a group usually have to talk late into the night.

One week before the gathering
Although it is not easy to organize activities during this busy time, Amadis Yang, Class Monitor for the 2016 cohort, decided to invite IMBA Class of 2016 alumnus Louis Liu to share his experience on the concurrent degree program MBA+MAM. This event was extremely popular, attracting not only IMBA but also some Chinese MBA students. The conclusion was that quality matters; furthermore, Louis is really handsome!

Sharing, Encouragement & Inheritance
German student Chris Meyerhof, IMBA Candidate 2017, opened the gathering on October 25th. In the following three hours, students communicated deeply on a wide range of topics including studying habits, academic competitions, global network weeks, international exchanges, dual degrees, career planning, etc. Senior IMBAs were candid and patient in answering a variety of questions posed by the freshmen cohort. The biggest surprise was the attendance of three IMBA alumni, who not only shared their campus memories but also introduced a multitude of work experiences. Overall, the whole event was juicy and meaty, full of interesting stories, witty remarks, worthy experiences, and beautiful memories. IMBA newbies really learned a lot!

October 25th not only solemnly marked the first gathering of IMBA students from the two cohorts, but was also the birthday of our beautiful classmate Grace Cho. This smart Korean classmate received a birthday cake and the best wishes from our IMBA family. Lighting the match sparked the candles and love--the true essence of IMBA.

Translated By: Alex Yan, IMBA Candidate '18